Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Statement

On 27th January 2008, the Vine & Fig Tree Planters* assembled at the Campbell Military Barracks to plant a grape vine and a fig tree, inviting the military forces to enter into a peaceful and creative response to the complex problems posed by climate change and peak oil by laying down their weapons and picking up shovels. A great diversity of people were present to plant these signs of hope and to gather in silent worship, listening for the groans of
the barren sand which received these hopeful, fecund plants.

Through this action, we invite the military to take assertive action on climate change, to transform themselves into an earth defence force and to utilise their incredible skills and resources to act creatively to build a global security. This planting was moved by the symbolic images of the vine and fig tree; potent
symbols of a sustainable and peaceful alternative future uttered by the Hebrew Prophet Micah (4:4). We hope that this action is an invitation to us all to take up the creative task of a response to climate change which is not threatened but hospitable.

The Vine and Fig Tree Planters is comprised of people inspired by the traditions of the historic peace churches, people committed to committed to the same non-violent spirit which was the impetus of those traditions. (

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C said...

This is fantastic. I'm glad I found you linked to another blog.

Have there been any recent plantings? I can imagine all sorts of places where this kind of witness would be important.